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Vashay Conley

Before I graduated from Science Hill High School in 2006, I never knew that music would take me all over the country, and bring me back home. Studying Music in high school and at MTSU led me to discover the impact music has, not just in my life but for others as well. From my first breakdancing competition in 2010, to taking a belly dancing class after losing a bet, to dancing in front of world champions at my first ballroom competition, I’ve learned just how important it is to be patient when learning a new skill. 

“A little progress each day, builds up to big results”

This partnership of patience and progress has led me to become one of only 162 DVIDA certified ballroom dance instructors, four others of which I proudly work alongside every day. In the world we live in, you can’t put a price tag on your health and wellbeing. I feel that improving your mental and physical health is something everyone should focus on consistently. It is my job and privilege to encourage that in every person I work with. 

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