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Shayne Collins

I started formal training in classical ballet when I was two years old, starting with Broadway choreographer Mallory Graham later and joining the Southwest Virginia Ballet. My parents felt it important to be well rounded, and I completed a dual enrolled structural engineering degree while still in high school. Clearly, it is going to good use. I stepped foot into the ballroom with a “career-ending” knee injury, fresh out of school, checking off bucket list items. I never imagined I would stay or be able to have another thriving dance career.

Ballroom has allowed me to return to work overseas, put my sewing skills to great use, and become one of only 162 independent certified ballroom dance instructors in the country (5 of which are right here in our studio!). My partner and I are most recently 2020 Heritage Classic Open American Smooth Finalists and compete regularly.  

I feel very strongly that self-expression, and growth are key factors to a happy and healthy life. Without a solid foundation, you will have trouble building anything of value in anything.

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